Rich care for normal to lightly hydrated skin

The products of this care series form the basis for the care of normal to lightly hydrated skin. The moisturizing factors of the skin are located in the horny layer. The horny layer can dry out due to low humidity, e.g. in air-conditioned air, heavy sweating or extensive sunbathing. The products of this aroma garden care series therefore contain ingredients that support the moisture binding in the cells. For a fresh and firm skin.

What is important for your skin care ?

The first step in a skin care routine is a thorough cleansing. The natural active ingredients can then take care of your skin and reach the levels where they gently regenerate your skin.

You have a good skin by nature, but use a rich face cream to take care of your skin properly and prevent wrinkles formation. Use a moisturising care in the morning and evening after you have cleaned your skin.

In addition, your skin needs a lot of vitamins. Choose a skin care that especially contains vitamin A and vitamin C . In combination with your skin condition, you will look much more radiant and healthy.
Basically, avoid all artificial additives, which are contained in many care products in small or even large quantities. These additives can easily have the effect of making your skin look worse rather than better. You should particularly pay attention not to use products containing alcohol that dry out the skin.
Essential Face Wash
Cleanses soap-free. Removes impurities. Has a calming effect. Gives a radiant appearance and a luminous complexion.
Essential Face Peeling
Cleanses the skin pore deep. Refines pores. Stimulates blood circulation. Makes the skin shine.
Divine Moisturizer
Supplies the skin with 80 nutrients. Combats free radicals. Makes the skin fresh and soft.
Divine serum
Gives the skin suppleness and elasticity. Combats free radicals. Provides more radiance.
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