The natural beauty cure from Aroma Garden


With the Natural Beauty Cure you can enjoy our high-quality and natural care products for a long time.

Freue Dich regelmäßig auf an individual range aus dem aroma garden Sortiment, die den Bedürfnissen Deiner Haut entspricht.

Wähle dazu einfach das passende Programm and then fill out our questionnaire about your skin type online.

This allows us to select the right products for you.


You can test your beauty cure for 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the result, you will receive 100% of your money back and you can keep the products.

Beauty cure programs

Starter Program

Your monthly personalized beauty package

49€ for 1 month

Equivalent to 49€ per month

2 products worth up to 65€
entspricht einem Rabatt von bis zu 25% Ermäßigung
with cleaning routine and care routine
Regular care and nutritional advice for conscious skin care
30 days satisfaction guarantee

Comfort program

Your 3 months personalized beauty package

141€ for 3 month

Entspricht 47€ pro Monat

5 - 7 Produkte im Wert von bis zu 215€
corresponds to a discount of up to 35% Reduction
with cleaning routine, care routine and Additional care
Regular care and nutritional advice for conscious skin care
30 days satisfaction guarantee

Annual program

Your yearly personalized beauty package

497€ for 12 months

Equals 41,40€ per month

20 - 25 products worth up to €1040
corresponds to a discount of up to 45% Discount
with cleaning routine, care routine and Additional care
Regular care and nutritional advice for conscious skin care
Telephone coaching for a successful improvement of your skin appearance
30 days satisfaction guarantee

The award and certification of this cure

Our system has already More than 30,000 people helped.


The aroma garden products are wonderful! Such a great scent and a pleasant texture.
I loved the products right away.

Daphne T.


I am totally inspired!
My skin enjoys these products, tangibly and visibly.

I've been using active cosmetics for years, but I've never had my skin feel so great in such a short amount of time.

I am so looking forward to everything! 

Aloisia S.


Thank you very much, that is really a top service! I am positively surprised that it worked so quickly. My compliments. By the way, I have been a loyal customer since last year and my skin has improved more and more and I rarely have any blemishes since then. Thank you so much!!!

Nadia G.


I am so happy with this care. The shopping of conventional cosmetics has finally come to an end. Every day you see new, world's best products in ads, the market is oversaturated and mutated into an unmanageable jungle...

All the more beautiful the Aroma Garden concept!

I'm just so happy and grateful and totally thrilled with this natural, dreamy cosmetic that reveals visible glow and satisfied skin in no time.
This brand needs a brand fan group on Facebook!

A very dear greeting from the snowy Eifel,
right now the Divine Repair is a blessing for the skin in this freezing cold!

Nicole L.


Got my shipment today, and immediately the mask, ampoule then the cream on it. I must say, a suuuper great skin feeling! Am totally enthusiastic.

Petra S.


For more than a year I have been using Aroma Garden because I always had allergic reactions with other products! Since then my skin is great, no dry patches, no irritation. I can only recommend it wholeheartedly. It is vegan, pure essential oils purely vegetable!

Andrea W.

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