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Balancing care for irregularities and pigment spots
A light and flawless complexion symbolizes youthfulness and freshness. The uneven distribution of the pigment melanin is responsible for pigment spots. The special products of the Gold skincare range help to compensate for existing discolorations on the skin. Immortelle oil prevents the development of new pigment discolorations.
  • The skin is visibly and naturally lightened without being stressed
  • Use as a cure for up to 12 weeks, also longer for severe skin discolorations

What do you have to take care of?

Brightening care series to even out skin tone
Your 4-step facial ritual. to give the skin the ultimate luminous effect.
  • Vitamin E prevents skin aging with dry skin
  • Anti-Aging through 24-carat Gold
  • Hyaluronic acid provides moisture
  • Immortellenöl glättet raue Hautstruktur
  • Ylang-Ylang soothes and repairs cell damage
  • The microcirculation is strengthened by vitamin E
  • Unique blend of 15 highly concentrated essential oils
  • Anti-pollution protection through a unique composition
Essential Face Wash
Cleanses soap-free. Removes impurities. Has a calming effect. Gives a radiant appearance and a luminous complexion.
  • Cleanses and removes make-up in one step
  • Lavender soothes the skin
  • Lime provides a radiant appearance and complexion
  • Geranium counteracts irritation
  • Rose water balances skin pH
  • Clove has an antibacterial effect
  • Easy dosing of the foam
  • Aloe vera provides moisture
  • Eucalyptus provides a fresh skin feeling
24 CARAT Gold Detox Mask with Clay
Clarifies the skin in its depth. Restore the skin's water reserves. Refines pores.
  • Kaolin healing clay cleanses the skin down to the depths
  • Myrrh oil refines the pores
  • Anti-Aging through 24-carat Gold
  • Jojoba oil supports the functions of the skin barrier
  • Shea butter does not dry out the skin
  • Geranium oil cleanses to the depths
  • Stimulates cell metabolism
  • Vitamin E activates collagen production
  • Bergamot extracts regulate sebum production
24 carat Gold Cell Regenerating Serum - Anti-Aging
Gives the skin suppleness. Immediate lifting effect. Activate the skin's own mechanisms.
  • Makes the skin soft and supple
  • Anti-Aging through 24-carat Gold
  • Dispenser enables easy application
  • Unique composition of 15 essential oils
  • Jasmine oil softens impurities
  • Hyaluronic acid provides moisture
  • Immortelle oil fades age and pigment spots
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