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How to create a retreat at home

Table of Contents

How to create a retreat at home

Everyone has heard of the "Man cave" heard, but do you have a room in your house that is just for you?

Historically, women's spaces in the home Common areas. A century ago it was the parlor or living room.

Later it became the kitchen, where Family and friends came together to eat and drink and talk.

While we love being together, having a space dedicated to work or hobbies can help you be more creative and productive. It can also give you a Retreat offer when you need time for yourself.

Below, we give you six tips to help you create a private space for your home retreat.


1. purpose

First, you need to determine the main purpose of your new space. Think about what you would do or do more if you had the perfect place to do it.

Would a special room allow you more productive to work from home? Would a cozy Reading Corner help you finish the books on your list? Or maybe you would like to have a multipurpose room for Meditation, diary keeping and writing your memoirs.

The purpose of your retreat will dictate your design, which will save you time and help you create a more coherent space to create.

2. be inspired

Next, think about how you want your space to feel when you're in it.

Do you want to feel inspired, energized, relaxed or organized?

Look for inspiration in magazines, on Pinterest, or at home shows that will give you the feel of how you envision your space.

Don't worry if you can't recreate your inspiration space exactly. When you start with how you want to feel, you can select the essential elementsthat create this feeling for you, no matter what space you want to work with.

3. find a point - or create one

You may not think you have the square footage to create a space for yourself, but thinking outside the box can expand your options. Think beyond your current living space.

If the climate is right, a flowered area of your garden or your terrace provide the ideal place for meditation or journaling. Or perhaps you can create a cabinet, a neglected cellar or even a Attic remodel. Maybe you can use a shed or part of your Garage for painting, pottery or other hobbies.

Let the purpose of your space determine its size. If your goal is a nice space for skin care, you may only need a small, sunny space under a bedroom or bathroom window.
With a little creativity, you're likely to find a space that's meets your needs and expectations.

4. furniture

Once you've determined your purpose and selected your space, it's time to think about furniture. Return to the main purpose of your room to assess your needs.

Do you need Seating? Storage? Cushion for lounging or a desk for writing? You can increase your privacy with movable Screens or curtains Amplify.

Also, think about what you want on the floor to make you feel comfortable and cozy in that space. The right carpet can be for Comfort and atmosphere provide.

5. lighting and accessories

Next, choose the lighting and accessories for your room.

For example, if you are setting up a reading nook, you may want to good lighting and a cozy blanket.

If you want a nice place for the Skin care design, you may want a ring light or easy access to the Sunlight. For a craft room, you need lots of bright light throughout the room.

Once the necessities are covered, it's time to think about making it beautiful. To make your space special and inviting, you should consider the Accessories do not neglect.

Walk around your home and take your Favourites - Photos or artwork, candles, etc - and arrange them around your room. Potted plants or cut flowers can add a splash of color and a Ambience Add.

No matter the purpose of your space, you're more likely to use it if it's beautiful to look at and peaceful to live in. Return to your inspiration photos when you need help.

6. neglect neither sounds nor smells

Do not neglect sounds and smells to create a inviting space where you actually want to spend time.

If your retreat is in a musty basement, consider an essential oil diffuser or scented candles to make it more appealing.

To block out loud noises, add textiles like curtains or build a "Plant wall". Add a sound system for Music or nature sounds or wear noise-canceling headphones while in your room.

Once your retreat is created - it's time to put it to good use! Make time in your schedule, to get away and make the most of it. In the process, you will find out what needs to be adjusted to create an even more perfect space.

Do you have a special room in your home that is just for you? If not, are you inspired to create one?

Enjoy our current and exclusive offers.


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