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Face brush massage and cleaning

Peeling, massage and delicate styling for baby hair

Face brush massage and cleaning

Peeling, massage and delicate styling for baby hair

For cleansing, peeling, stimulation and regeneration of the skin
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  • Deep pore & easy cleaning
  • Removes dirt and make-up from the skin
  • Easy cleaning
  • Pleasant massage for the facial skin
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Also suitable for other, sensitive body parts

Product description

ONLY THE BEST FOR YOUR FACE - Such as the natural hair of the bristles and the handle made of Grass Tree wood.. If you just hold your new brush to your face, it already feels like Cashmere . In your hand it feels so sleek that you just can not put it down.

MASSAGE, PEEL, REJUVENATE - Your daily ritual - your rules! Use your new brush however you like- on your chest, neck or face. And remember, this brush is for more than just dry massage - it cleans, exfoliates, reduces acne and more!

ALSO GOOD FOR PETS & SMALL CHILDREN - Grass tree wood is hypoallergenic and the natural bristles are rich in Keratin (just like your hair). Therefore, you can even use this brush on the sensitive scalp of a toddler or to kittens. In our experience, they love it!

USE IN THE ROAD - The ergonomic design akes it easy to take your brush anywhere. Throw it in your hand bag, slide it into your gym bag, or just leave it in the bathroom. It will fit right in!

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