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Set of 12 reusable make-up pads

made of bamboo & cotton with laundry bag

Set of 12 reusable make-up pads

made of bamboo & cotton with laundry bag

Makeup Remover Pads - Super Soft, Eco-Friendly, Zero Waste
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♻️ Perfect for the soft Cleaning of the eyes and suitable for skin care

♻️ Washable and reusable, 100% environmentally friendly

♻️ Remove your make-up with a Lifestyle no waste

♻️ Terrycloth Pads: 100% Bamboo pulp / washing net 100% Cotton

♻️ For toning / facial toner / peelings

Product description

♻️ ONLY THE BEST QUALITY♻️ - The round make-up removers are multi-layered and made of very high quality. The diameter is 8 cm. Easy and low-maintenance cleaning for sensitive, delicate and blemished skin. Perfectly suitable for all skin types. Your best sustainable make-up erasers made of bamboo!

♻️WASHABLE & REUSABLE♻️ - The washable make-up remover pads are multi-layered. Light stains can be washed out with warm water and soap, making the pads instantly reusable. For heavier stains, simply place in the washing machine at up to 60°C.

♻️ ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE♻️ - The reusable pads replace conventional disposable pads and help reduce waste. The reusable bamboo viscose & cotton pads are a more sustainable alternative for disposable makeup pads. The cosmetic pads are made of 80 % bamboo viscose & 20 % cotton.

♻️ FOR YOUR SKINThe soft and lint-free surface is ideally suited for removing make-up or cleaning the skin. Due to its fine structure and the materials used, the bamboo cotton pad perfectly absorbs make-up and moisture and can also be used countless times.

♻️ WHY CHOOSE AROMA GARDEN? ♻️ We've put together the perfect pack of 12 reusable cotton pads and an organic cotton laundry bag. So everything you need for an at-home beauty routine that's not only eco-friendly, but completely waste-free. What's more, these 100% natural pads are gentle enough to be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin, dry skin and sensitive baby skin.

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