Soothing care for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is particularly sensitive to external stimuli.

This often leads to feelings of tension, red and dry skin or even allergic reactions.

These products soothe stressed, reddened skin and strengthen its natural resistance to external stimuli and irritations. Redness and feelings of tension are reduced and the moisture content of the skin is increased in the long term.

What is important for your skin care ?

The first step in a skin care routine is a thorough cleansing. The natural active ingredients can then take care of your skin and reach the levels where they gently regenerate your skin.

You have a sensitive skin by nature. This brings with it certain challenges and risks. When choosing your cream, you must pay attention not to affect your skin. You need products that soothe stressed, reddened skin. Use a moisturizing oil morning and night after you have cleaned your skin. To strengthen the natural resistance of the skin against external irritation, a moisturizing oil is particularly suitable.

In addition, your skin needs a lot of vitamins. Choose a skin care that especially contains vitamin A and vitamin C . In combination with your skin condition, you will look much more radiant and healthy.
Basically, avoid all artificial additives, which are contained in many care products in small or even large quantities. These additives can easily have the effect of making your skin look worse rather than better. You should particularly pay attention not to use products containing alcohol that dry out the skin.
Essential Tonic Water
Removes last traces of impurities. Has an invigorating effect. Soothes the skin.
7 Day Divine Cure
Concentrated Beauty Booster with immediate lifting effect. Prevents skin aging. Lets skin shine. Highly effective active ingredients make your complexion glow in no time at all.
Divine Mask
Combats skin impurities. Replenishes skin's water reserves. Refines pores and soothes the skin.
Divine Repair
Heals and soothes the skin. Relieves skin problems. The skin appears firm and upholstered.
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