Nourishing care for dry skin

Water should not only be given to the skin from inside by drinking enough, but also from outside. The use of cosmetic products ensures a lasting supply and retention of moisture in the skin.

The products of this aroma garden care series contain ingredients that support the binding of moisture in the cells. For a fresh and plump skin.

What is important for your skin care ?

The first step in a skin care routine is a thorough cleansing. Only then can the natural active ingredients correctly take care of your skin and reach the levels where they gently regenerate your skin.

You have a dry skin by nature. This brings with it certain challenges and risks. When choosing your cream, you must make sure that your skin is always moisturised. Use a rich face cream to take care of your skin and to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Apply a moisturiser in the morning and evening after you have cleaned your skin.

In addition, your skin needs a lot of vitamins. Wähle eine Creme die vor allem vitamin A and vitamin C In combination with your skin condition, you will look much more radiant and healthy.
Basically avoid all artificial additives, die in vielen Cremes in kleiner oder sogar in großer Menge enthalten sind. Diese Zusätze können leicht dazu führen, dass die Creme Dein Hautbild verschlechtert, anstatt es zu verbessern. Du sollst vor allem darauf achten, not to use products containing alcohol that dry out the skin.
Essential Tonic Water
Removes last traces of impurities. Has an invigorating effect. Soothes the skin.
24-CARAT Gold Detox Mask with Alumina
Clarifies the skin in its depth. Restore the skin's water reserves. Refines pores.
Replenishes skin´s water reserves.. Revitalizes the skin with 80 nutrients. More radiance and a silky gloss.
24-CARAT Gold Cell Regenerating Serum - Anti-Aging
Gives the skin suppleness. Immediate lifting effect. Activate the skin's own mechanisms.
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