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She drank the water from the cemetery, and guess what happened...?

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She drank the water from the cemetery, and guess what happened...?

Dear ones,

What would you do if the only water source within a few miles...

...a lake full of corpses?

Picture this: It's 38 degrees, your water bottle has been empty for 24 hours.

You have the choice between :

drinking the water from the contaminated lake (and praying that you don't die of cholera),
or die of thirst
Well, you could call that Drink water from the lake ... and come out in one piece.

If you add a strong antidote.

"I was able to safely decontaminate the water in Lake Kivu despite the many bodies.
I know someone who tried that for you....

It was the doctor Jade Allègre who travelled to Rwanda on a humanitarian mission in 1994.

Jade Allègre in Rwanda, 1994.

Locally, she had no access to drinking water....

Lake Kivu was contaminated by the bodies of people who had died of cholera.

All her colleagues were anxious, counting and recounting her meager supply of bottles.

Jade, on the other hand, was completely calm.

She went to the lake to fill her water bottle.

Everyone thought she was crazy.

Only she didn't drink it right away....

To purify the water, she poured in some healing clay.

When the clay settled to the bottom of the water, it was drinkable.

Some people will say, "Okay, but I don't drink contaminated water.

Others are satisfied with clay masks....

That's a real waste!

A lot of people stop there, because they have no idea what healing clay can do for them.

That's a huge waste!

Your medicine cabinet may be overflowing with all sorts of boxes....

Whereas only ONE can relieve many ailments, even the most stubborn (from ulcers to rheumatism and abscesses). For the skin, it soothes redness, detoxifies in depth, draws out impurities and heals.

With all its health-giving properties, clay is a veritable first aid kit.

Healing clay can thanks to its Adsorption properties bind toxins

I have already explained that clay is a shield against unwanted substances.

In reality, it's much more than that:

  • It has a Radar for dangerous toxins (I'll tell you about it in a minute)
  • It can pick up any substance that is toxic to your body.

These two "superpowers" are due to a structure that is unique in the world:

His stack of silicon plates.

These plates allow the toxin trapping.

To be precise, the structure of clay contains small spaces designed to "catch" toxins before they settle in the body.

When you swallow clay, it's like releasing poison hunters.

They detect and adsorb (bind to) all pathogenic molecules and prevent them from circulating in the body.

Healing clay defends you by neutralizing:

  • Chemicals, which are used in makeup and many great cosmetics.
  • Lead, arsenic, mercury and other metals contained in some dye powders
  • Pesticideswhich are used for spraying our crops.
  • And other types of Toxinssuch as hydrocarbons, cleaning residues, etc.

But clay doesn't just remove... it also gives! (You'll see why in a moment).

It is the richest mineral source known today.

Clay contains more minerals important for health than any other superfood.

It is particularly rich in :

  • Magnesium, useful for fatigue and to protect the vital functions of the body (kidney function, heart function, etc.).
  • Calcium, important for strong bones
  • Copper, to strengthen the immune system and because of its antioxidant effect.
  • Potassiumwhich is responsible for the moisture of the skin and the proper functioning of the muscles (and especially the heart).
  • Sodium, useful for the nervous system
  • Zinc, to support the immune system and keep the skin healthy
  • Silica with healing properties (alumina desilicate, which is used as an active ingredient in medicines for gastritis and other painful digestive disorders)
  • Selenium, useful for detoxification of the body from heavy metals,
  • Cobalt, an essential trace element often used against fatigue or migraine.
  • And Iron (in small quantities) to combat fatigue and for anaemia

In the poorest areas of the world, some people get to enjoy these minerals on a daily basis.

Empty your body of toxins and replenish it with minerals

For some (nature-loving) people, clay is a traditional food.

In remote villages in Peru, they eat almost only potatoes.

And yet the people there have no shortcomings.

Their secret is their delicious clay sauce!

It covers their need for Magnesium, selenium and zinc more than off.

They enjoy everything it gives them!

For them, it's a matter of survival, but we should also emulate them....

You use these "luxurious" clay for more than 25 diseases and pathologies.

In our country, the soils used for cultivation are almost free of minerals....

... We suffer from inadequacies.

We are ruining ourselves by stuffing ourselves with supplements.

Others cover their entire mineral requirements by ONE means: healing clay.

Everyone there knows how to use it.

Peruvians brew "luxury" remedies from the clay they have on hand.

Thanks to their mastery alone, they have a solution for many skin problems:

  • At Inflammations, for example with sensitive skin
  • To combat Bacteria and virusesespecially those responsible for blemishes and acne.
  • Because of his antibiotic Features
  • Go to Relief of gynaecological problems (painful period, difficult menopause...)
  • to solve their skin problems like Acne, eczema, itching

What about us?

No one taught us how to use healing clay for our health.

That's a big waste, because quality clay....

Of which we have in Europe are plentiful.

I see a lot of people making "rookie mistakes."

  • They use kaolinite clay when they need montmorillonite for their skin
  • You mix the clay with the wrong containers and lose its mineral richness
  • You're not dosing it right
  • They use the wrong auxiliary plants, and this mistake negates the benefits of healing clay.

It is important that you the logic of healing earth ...not break through...

And for this we have after many years of research these mask with healing clay developed.



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