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6 tips for taking great photos and videos

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6 tips for taking great photos and videos

Now that almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, we're on camera more than ever.

One study estimates that camera phone users average 150 images per month make. Video communication is also being used more and more.

That's why it's more important than ever to be able to safe and sound to feel.



We know you look good. You know you look good. But still, you might have a hard time taking photos or videos that make you look happy are.

Whether you're being photographed at a wedding, taking a selfie for Instagram or Facebook, or appearing in a video for a call, there are a few things you can do to make sure you always look your best.

Read our six tips for great photos and videos here.


1. prepare your skin.

Healthy skin is important when you see someone in person. She is just as important in front of the camera.

When you take a photo or video, dead skin cells on your face don't reflect light. This makes your complexion look sallow.

To prepare your skin, first cleanse it with an gentle, non-irritating peeling. Do not use rough or scratchy scrubs that can damage your skin or make it red and irritated.



We recommend aroma garden Essential Face Peeling for a deep pore cleansing that is non-abrasive. It gently exfoliates your skin to remove all dull, lifeless cells while cleansing your pores.

After cleansing, moisturize your skin with a shine-fighting moisturizer like. Divine Moisturizerso that it looks dewy and well-groomed without looking greasy or shiny.


2. lighting

Lighting plays a big role in how your photos or videos turn out. Professional photographers use a lot of lights in a range of colors to Avoid shadows and create mood.

But you don't need professional equipment to take good looking photos or videos.

For photos or videos indoors during the day, you should use a bright, natural light source like facing an open window. Avoid bright lights or windows directly behind you that may cast you into shadow.

On cloudy days, at night, or in darker rooms, use one or two bright, warm lights right in front of you place. Avoid glaring skylights, as they can lead to unflattering shadows.

Für helle Außenaufnahmen drehen Sie sich von der Sonne weg, damit Sie nicht blinzeln, und neigen Sie Ihr Handy oder Ihre Kamera so, dass Ihr Kopf die Sonne im Bild blockiert.

Cloudy days are perfect for outdoor shooting, as the light is more diffuse. You don't have to worry about blinking or shadows.


3. angle and distance

Changing the angle of your photo or video can dramatically improve your results.

Experiment with taking selfies at different angles. Photos that slightly above eye level and slightly to the side are usually more flattering than photos taken from below.

Straighten your spine and lift your chin by Stretch your neck slightly – dann bringen Sie die Kamera so nah heran, dass Ihr Kopf und Ihre Schultern den Rahmen ausfüllen. Schauen Sie direkt auf das Objektiv (nicht auf Ihr Bild), wenn Sie das Foto aufnehmen.

For videos, try using your laptop or webcam on books or to support a tripodso that the camera lens is just above your eye line. Then slide the camera forward or backward until you more or less fill the frame.


4. background

When preparing for a professional video call, background is important.

Too much clutter can be distracting for the audience. Before the conversation begins, take a critical look at what is visible behind you and remove all additional objects that could be distracting.

If you are frequently seen on video, it may be easier to create a own "set Create. Arrange a table or desk with your camera or laptop at the right height, with the right lighting behind the camera and a minimally decorated area (like a wall or bookshelf) behind you.

Once you're done with that, it'll be easier to show up for every video call, and in the process stunning, calm and collected to look like.


5. take lots of pictures.

Professionelle Fotografen machen während eines Shootings Hunderte von Fotos, veröffentlichen aber nur wenige davon. Scheuen Sie sich also nicht, 10 or 15 times on the trigger to get one or two photos that you are happy with. You can always delete the unnecessary photos afterwards.

Taste different poses, angles, lighting and facial expressions off.



Viele Handykameras enthalten auch Filter, mit denen Sie mit der Beleuchtung oder den Farben spielen können. Haben Sie Spaß daran und experimentieren Sie, um tolle Ergebnisse zu erzielen.


6. feel good to look good.

As a model, I've found that the most photogenic people aren't trying to look a certain way - they're in front of the camera simply yourself.

Wenn Sie ein Foto oder Video aufnehmen, versuchen Sie sich zu entspannen.

Versuchen Sie nicht, Ihr Gesicht oder Ihren Körper zu sehr zu posieren.

Seien Sie einfach Sie selbst. Konzentrieren Sie sich auf die Person hinter der Kamera oder denken Sie an jemanden oder etwas, das Sie zum Lächeln bringt.

When choosing your wardrobe, don't stress. Put on something in which you feel confident and beautiful, and that beauty and confidence will translate to the camera.

Taking good photos and videos may require a little practice, but it does not have to be difficult.

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