About us

La nature pour la nature

The particularity of aroma garden is to use the power of highly concentrated essential oils.

Its founder, Florent Raimond, has developed three series of cosmetic products to offer your skin the best of nature. Since antiquity, essential oils have been considered to be the soul of plants. We use these precious natural essences to give a new life to your skin. By conviction, we use in our cosmetic products only high quality ingredients for your natural beauty.

"La nature pour la nature" is the philosophy of its founder Florent Raimond. It all began out of his passion for essential oils. "Nature gives the flower everything it needs to preserve its beauty against the aggressions of wind and weather. I have noticed that these precious oils give flowers their splendid appearance".

These are precisely the properties that are found in our products. The curative and regenerative powers of essential oils and their delightful scents have been at the heart of the research work of Florent Raimond and his development team from the very beginning.

In addition, he uses precious raw materials such as hyaluronic acid, pure gold and vitamins C and E, which increase the power of the essential oils. "In my recipes, I use only the best ingredients to create the optimal product. In my eyes, every woman is precious as she is because her beauty is unique".

The Divine series fo oily and mixed skin

The Divine products intensely moisturize the skin. They regulate the production of sebum and have an anti-inflammatory effect. They also soothe stressed and reddened skin. The Divine products are particularly suitable for young, impure and sensitive skin.

The Gold Series for dry skin and as an anti-aging care product

The Gold products are made with ingredients that help maintain moisture in the cells. They restore the skin's vitality and elasticity and prevent the formation of new pigmentation spots and age spots. The anti-aging effect is guaranteed. The Gold products are particularly suitable for mature skin.

The heart beats with the nature

Out of love for man and nature, the aroma garden family is committed to sustainability. Our products are made from organic and purely natural raw materials. They do not contain PEG, silicone or parabens. We decided not to use chemicals but natural preservatives, even if they are more expensive to produce.

We consider that it is our duty to enhance your skin and protect the environment. This is the reason why our products are guaranteed 100% vegan, without animal testing and without carcinogenic substances. Even the packaging of our products complies with our ethical principles.  

aroma garden is a family enterprise that guarantees excellent quality, the use of high-quality natural ingredients and careful and sustainable production processes. It is a brand of cosmetic products born from a personal experience and conviction, based on a true love relationship for man and nature.
The ingredients used as well as the recyclable packaging of our products comply with the values and ethical principles of our founder Florent Raimond: "I am convinced that we can really help people suffering from the most diverse skin problems to get a healthy, radiant and full of vitality skin. In my eyes, every human being is precious, unique and beautiful, just as he is.
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